About us

Accounting Studio Kapo Rraku is a dynamic accounting firm that carries out its activity in the city of Saranda but extends to all over Albania. We provide the highest level of accounting, tax and business consulting services. We are in operation since 2000. During this period we have provided a wide range of financial accounting services from simple to those more complex and tax matters to all sectors of the economy. Our dedicated staff can ease your burden by providing full and confidential account, annual accounts report, taxes, VAT and payroll services, as well as regular management accounts to ensure to provide updated reviews of your business. These are vital for business success. We pay attention to the customer before anything else. Our first step is to work with you, so we can gain a complete understanding of your business and then adjust our approach to your requirements in mode that we can give you exactly the service you need and to help you achieve your goals.

Our clients range from small and medium businesses, physical and legal persons, Albanian and foreign, construction companies and self-employed individuals based all over Albania.

We are here to help you become a successful business owner by providing timely financial information, ensuring compliance with current legislation and most importantly, helping you to take sound decisions for your business.



To help companies that just have been raised or are growing businesses. You save money as we offer faster and cheaper services than most of our competitors. Customer care and friendly service are our primary objectives. Quick response for your accounts and tax reports when you need this information. To minimize the documents for you, we prepare the completed files and documents ready for your signature (if necessary). Our goal is to give you timely information so that you can make the right decision for your future business plans.



You want to earn the maximum amount of income and don’t have time to deal with bureaucracy and administration. You need flexibility, independence and quick information. You expect friendly and professional services. It is our vision to provide you with new and convenient initial services supported by administrative services, accounting and training services that will help you to administer easily your business, while maximizing your revenue, allowing you to focus on your objectives and enjoy a thrilling life style.