Creating and keeping accounts allows you to check the success and financial performance of your business. The key to making this valuable information is to work with us and use the information to improve your business strategy.

By making accurate and reliable calculations and calculating the economic indicator it is important to manage your business efficiently. If you are now entering the business, keeping accounts, calculating and / or calculating payroll can be a difficult process. Both spend a lot of time doing it yourself (even if you have the right skills) and it is expensive to hire an economist.

The cost of creating and maintaining company’s annual accounts usually depends on the size of the company, the number of transactions, how well the accounting records are stored, if the company is registered with VAT and if it deals with the large turnover of goods, services etc.


Our services include

  • Initial registration of your business with tax authorities for physical and legal perspectives (companies)
  • We take the representation of your business in all state bodies such as: social security, labour office, municipality etc.
  • Take care of keeping your accounts
  • Complete and declare all account books (VAT / cash / bank)
  • We complete and declare all monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns
  • We deduct and declare in your tax authority your annual balance
  • We produce extra accounting and management reports if required by you
  • Advice and expertise on tax calculation, which minimizes tax liabilities
  • VAT refunds for entities that meet the legal requirements for reimbursement
  • Preparation of annual calculations and tax returns
  • Adjustments to calculations at the end of the year
  • We draft the annual statutory audit reports for entities which are legally required to do so
  • If you are a foreigner (not an Albanian) we offer you our assistance to apply for a working permit and a residence permit in the Republic of Albania.
  • We interact with our clients in Albania, English, Italian, Greek

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